Professional placenta encapsulators will already have much of this information available on their website and in their contracts so be sure to have a thorough read of all information they provide you with.

  • How long have you been encapsulating for?
  • How many placentas have you prepared?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • Can I have pictures of your process (and of my placenta)?
  • Do you have any testimonials I can see from previous clients?
  • Where will my placenta be processed?
  • Do you have a dedicated fridge for placentas?
  • If another client births on the same day what will happen?
  • What equipment do you use and how do you clean it?
  • Can I see your written procedures on safe handling, cross contamination, hygiene or blood borne diseases?
  • How should I store my placenta after birth?
  • How do you transport my placenta and keep it cold?
  • What is your refund policy if I change my mind or I can’t keep my placenta?
  • Can I contact you after I’ve got my capsules if I have any questions about them?
  • Most encapsulators in Australia value their services between $200-$350 for a standard package of transport, capsules and cord keepsake.  If a provider is outside of this range, you may wish to check why.

Please note: if you have any medical concerns, you should discuss these with your care provider.
Your PSA member may be able to provide you with links to further information or resources but should not offer medical advice.

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