If you’re looking to find placenta encapsulation service providers then I’m guessing CONGRATULATIONS are in order! And hey, you are certainly in the right place.  Placenta Services Australia is the largest network of professionals in the country and every listing is checked for you to ensure basic safety standards are met.

So how do you find the right person to handle your placenta?  A good place to start is by reading this article so you know how our website works.

Firstly let’s look at the different ways to use this website:

Find placenta encapsulation providers on the home page

The first thing you see when opening our website should be the big search bar on the home page.

You can either:

  • enter the name of the hospital where you are giving birth
  • the name of your town/city/state
  • the business name or member’s name if you know it
  • leave it blank to be shown all our listings and hit the orange SEARCH button.
Screenshot of the PSA homepage to help find placenta encapsulation service providers in Australia
The PSA homepage


Your other option is to scroll down and search by state.  This will show you everyone listed in your state.

Screenshot of the PSA website to browse placenta encapsulators near you


Using the PSA map of placenta encapsulators

Hitting SEARCH on the home page will take you to the listings page.  A key feature of the listings page is the interactive map.  The map allows you to zoom in and move around to find anyone who might service your area.  Click on the map icons to get more details about the listing.


Interactive map of placenta encapsulation providers in Australia
Interactive map of placenta encapsulation providers in Australia


Narrowing down the search

For those of us lucky enough to have a number of service providers to choose from, you can filter the results. Perhaps you are specifically looking for someone to make you a placenta tincture or cord keepsake.  Just tick the relevant boxes and hit the orange UPDATE button.

PSA placenta pills directory allows you to filter your search results by the options provided by a service provider
Filter your search results


Another way to filter your results is by the experience level you are looking for.  When browsing the listings in our placenta encapsulation directory, you might see words like Mentor, Associate or General on them.  These refer to the different PSA memberships available for placenta encapsulators.

But what do they mean for you and those looking for a placenta encapsulator within Australia?




Mentors are some of the most experienced placenta encapsulators around Australia. They have demonstrated excellent technical knowledge around placenta encapsulation, food safety and infection and contamination control.  Our Mentors have been in the industry for a long time, processed hundreds of placentas and surpassed the requirements for Associates and General members.

Look for gold coloured map markers or choose the Mentor category when searching. Their listings are easy to spot with the PSA orange coloured border.


Associates are well established in their business.  They’ve taken care of important business issues like an ABN and insurance and have a good knowledge of placenta processing and safety beyond the basics.

Look for silver coloured map markers or choose the Associate category when searching.

General Members

General members are students or those just beginning their encapsulation business.  They’ve got the basics covered such as food safety and blood borne pathogens.

Look for bronze coloured map markers or choose the General category when searching.

What to ask a potential provider

We recommend contacting as many people as possible that service your area.  Let them know you found them on PSA and ask them some questions to get a better idea of how they work.  Here’s our list of questions to get you started: Questions You May Like To Ask Your PSA Provider

By contacting as many people as you can, you will be more confident that you have made the right choice with the information you’ve been able to gather.  In addition, many encapsulators offer other modalities such as antenatal classes, postnatal support, birth doula or massage services.  Ask them if they package them together with placenta encapsulation and you could even score yourself a discount.  What a great way to build your village of support in your time of transformation.


Still can’t find placenta encapsulation service providers in your area?

No worries, just shoot us an email using our contact form. Include your due date and where you are birthing and we’ll get back to you with a list of providers available in your area.  Most of all we are here to help point you in the right direction.

All the best for your birth