Membership Benefits

PSA welcomes and supports placenta professionals from all around Australia.  Membership is granted through an accrediation process based on documentation which evidences your qualifications and work within the industry.


As a placenta services specialist, membership with PSA demonstrates your commitment to competency, safety and continued professional development.  Associates and Mentors are eligible to use post nominals.

Being a member of PSA (which is the industry benchmark and proof of your professionalism in Australia) is a major benefit to your business for marketing your services or when clients are looking for a specialist.


PSA members enjoy the status of being part of a national, professional network.


One of the roles of PSA is to provide a voice for it’s members.  As a professional incorporation representing placenta services specialists, we can provide a unique insight into current issues and legislation.


Membership provides you with the opportunity to make contact with other people passionate about placentas and safe preparation. With your professional colleagues working in the same country with similar challenges you may access support from other specialists and exchange information and ideas.  You will also have access to our private, yet thriving, Facebook community for technical support and debriefing.

Membership with PSA leads to better business contacts that can result in new business opportunities and referrals.

Information & News

You want to receive accurate and timely information on the issues you need to know about.  Better information means you can make better decisions that affect your business.

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